Friends from Singapore


The gospel of God’s grace (as the apostle Paul describes it in Acts 20:24) is not new: the same Paul wrote almost two thirds of the New Testament to testify about this good news. How is it then, that we see a new and worldwide revival of this same gospel? As if God has used some ministers to ‘dust it off’ and put in into His spotlights for us to rejoice in, even in Hungary!

We are blessed by the ministry of pastor Joseph Prince from New Creation Church in Singapore. He and his church have been used mightily to spread this good news worldwide. Some of his books are available in Hungary and can be ordered / purchased at our services. 


Friends from Europe


Grace Alliance is the international network that connects and develops leaders who have the same purpose, cause and belief: Jesus and the gospel of grace. Grace Home’s leadership is thankful to be member of this network.


Friends from EUROPE


We are very thankful for our friendship with Jong en Vrij church in the Netherlands. The pastors and leadership have invested in our pastor and our leadership to help us start and build Grace Home.