God is greater, God is better than we could ever think. He introduces Himself in the Bible as the God that is always there and will always be. This is good news: He will never leave us alone. God is also unconditional love. This is the other end of the good news. Let’s be honest: a God that is always there but doesn’t like you, wouldn’t make you happy, would he? We believe, God is and is full of love towards people. This is what changed our lives, this is what can change yours. 


Your home

Grace Home provides a home for you can discover how God sees you. We practice what we believe and intend to look at one another from God’s perspective. Grace Home gives you time and opportunity to live the life God has for you



The gospel of grace

Grace Home started to make known the gospel of a God bigger than anything, grace shouting louder than anything. Our goal is to introduce God’s free gift of grace, His salvation for every believer to experience a life to the max. 



The power of a community

God promises, to show up in the community of believers. Therefore, our gatherings are important to us. That is the place where God can show His power and supernatural gifts. The church is not just a community of people that think the same, but a place where God shows His life-changing power through His Spirit. 



Modern and understandable

When Jesus walked on this earth, He taught the people with examples that were modern and understandable. We believe the church is a modern place and the gospel is understandable for everyone.