We believe the Bible is God’s word. Inspired by Him, wanted and given by Him. The Bible holds a great truth for the world: the gospel of grace. 


We believe God is a heavenly Father, involved in all aspects of our lives. He is there when it comes to your spiritual, physical, emotional and practical life. He is a giving God, because He loves us.


We believe Jesus is God’s Son that came to the earth to show us who God really is. With unstoppable passion He did everything to prove His love to us. Love that would go all the way. Love that empowers us now to live a victorious life. 


God’s Spirit confirms that we areHis children. Being God’s children, we are also His heirs. The Spirithelps us discover this heritage, to receive it and to share it. 


Grace is a gift from God. He gives it freely. Many people have learnt you can only receive after you did something for it. That is the way of the world. God’s grace works the other way around: it is available, but you cannot work for it. God wanted it to be a gift. This is how He proves His love, unconditionally.  


God loves you. That is good news, you can just believe that. He has a good life for you. Probably your life so far has been pretty tough – you might need God’s comfort and restoration. That is cool, no doubt: you are precious to Him and He want to provide you with everything youn need.