Great to see you here! In Grace Home church, everyone is welcome. Whatever your age is, whatever your life has looked like so far, we believe you are important to God!

Our desire is that Grace Home is a place where you experience His unconditional love for you. A place that could very well become your home!


The highlight of our week is the Sunday morning gathering. We enjoy seeing each other, celebrate God’s goodness with lively music and encouraging messages. We believe that a relaxed atmosphere helps you to experience all this in your own way. 

Our growing number of small groups meet every two weeks. Many of them are open to receive new members. Of course, you decide in how much you want to get involved.



This is what we believe in, this is what we are – and aim to be

Rest in Jesus’ finished work

We believe that Jesus has done everything needed to allow us to live in a close relationship with our Father God. His work is sufficient, we do not have to add anything to that. Once we accepted this, our performance will never make God love us more (because He already loves us with a perfect love) and can never make God love us less (because He does not look at our behavior, but at His Son’s finished work for us). 

Behold your Redeemer’s beauty

We believe that as God’s beloved children, we receive revelation of His love for us. When this happens, we are transformed from the inside out. That is the beauty of believing and living in our heavenly Father’s grace. In our gatherings, you will hear a lot about Jesus and what He has done. We believe that when we look at Him, we change according to His image: our lives become more glorious every day (see 2 Corinthians 3:18).

Experience true change through the hearing of the gospel

What we believe, determines our behavior. Believing (faith) now comes to us by an interesting way of transport: through hearing the good news of what God says about you (see Romans 10:17). Therefore, we aim to provide opportunities for you to hear the gospel as much as possible. In our gatherings and through our YouTube channel you will find teachings that help you to feed on His truths over you. We believe that as you do so, you will experience true change in every area of your life.